Magneglaze Secondary Glazing

Magneglaze® Quick facts:

Straight-forward Installation

Watch our intsallation videos to see how straightforward Magneglaze® is to install.

The Magnetic Secondary Glazing System

The idea of using magnets for secondary glazing was adopted in 1994 by Richard Cutts for the purpose of providing a low-cost, easy install, but highly versatile system.

Richard felt that by adapting and improving an existing DIY product (magnet to steel) with wider strips, and adding magnet to magnet applications, a wider range of window types could be tackled. The result is a more robust and durable system and over 10 years' fitting experience.

Multi Pole Magnets

Multi-polarized magnetic strips combine together on the frame edge and hold the panels exactly in place. This magnetism is permanent and the pulling power impressive - a narrow pole pitch gives a pulling power of 80 grams per square centimetre. The slippage of magnet to steel is a thing of the past!

The Best Materials

We use a combination of the best materials available from British Manufacturers and suppliers.

PETg-UV is stronger, but not as rigid as glass. Therefore it has the flexibility to follow the uneven contours of old window frames and still achieve an efficient perimeter seal. PETg-UV is UV stable and is 90% translucent. We use 3mm which is the optimum thickness for this application.

Fully Assembled Panels

Magneglaze secondary glazing panels are manufactured to the highest possible standards. In the factory, the panels are first cut to size, then the double magnets are applied with special purpose machines. Finally, orders are packaged with bubblewrap and reinforced cardboard and despatched on our own vehicles or reliable carrier.

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