Magneglaze Secondary Glazing

Magneglaze® Quick facts:

3mm Clear Cast Acrylic

3mm Clear Cast Acrylic is optically near perfect and keeps its clarity. It is the ideal material for this application.

Cleaning & Maintenance

How to look after your Magneglaze® panels and prolong their active life

1. Hot spots in direct sunlight facing South

It is advisable to remove these panels during the summer months and store away safely. Temperature in the cavity can rise to 50C which is not good for the Acrylic or the TESA adhesive.

2. Prevent magnet fusion

From time to time go around and free off panels that are permanently in position. The power of the magnets continuously pulls the two surfaces together, so lift a corner, separate all round and replace.

3. Magnet polarity

At installation, each panel is unique to itself and the window frame. If any panel is removed, it must be replaced in the exact same original position.

4 Dust or blemish build up

Clear Cast Acrylic is brighter than glass. We can supply a plastic cleaner and anti-static polish that keeps your panels in sparkling condition. Please ask for details.

5 Condensation

Will only occur if you window frames are in really poor condition. Over a long period, moisture can be absorbed into the woodwork from outside due to gaps or damaged putties. It then becomes trapped in the cavity and has nowhere to go.

6. Guarantee

If the above care is taken, and installation guidelines adhered to, there will be no degradation of the Clear Cast Acrylic itself due to UVA/UVB penetration, or any lessening of the magnetic attraction.

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