Magneglaze Secondary Glazing

Magneglaze® Quick facts:

Fits Most Window Types

Magneglaze® fits most window types including Casement, Sash, Crittall and many more.

Special instructions for sash windows

1. All panel size measurements must include the overlap on the frame edge.

2. The centre-meeting rail (CMR) is a wooden batten which coincides with the top bar of the lower sliding sash. Fix with countersunk screws.

3. The CMR width will be 25mm. Its depth will vary depending on the depth of the staff bead and the surrounding box frame. This profile must achieve a flush finish to extend beyond the staff bead.

4. The staff bead sometimes protrudes forward of the box frame. It must either be planed down, repositioned or packing pieces must be added around the perimeter.

5. The 12.5mm magnet edges butt together at the mid-point of the CMR.

6. Install the lower panel first with its top in line with the mid point of the CMR. Follow standard DIY installation guide.

Sash Window Example Guide

Please note that we do not supply the CMR's. Their profiles will be unique to your windows and will have to be fabricated on site.