Magneglaze Secondary Glazing

Magneglaze® Quick facts:

How much does it cost?

Magneglaze costs £100 per square metre incl. VAT excl. shipping.

Guide Notes for DIY Installation

Video Guides

Before you go any further, you may find it helpful to watch our DIY Installation Guide video:

DIY Installation Guide

This video tutorial guides you through the process of DIY installation.

N.B. Read all points 1-12 before starting!

1. Unpack the panel but keep the protective films in place on both sides.

2. Do not separate the partner magnetic strips. Exact alignment is essential when applying the panel to the window frame. Straighten any that may have become dislodged during transport. Never attempt to apply the frame strip on its own.

3. Before you start, use Meths to clean around each side of the window frame.

4. Completely remove the protective film from the Acrylic sheet on the side that holds the magnets. This will be the side facing to the outside. Keep the film in place on the opposite side.

5. Peel back the film a few centimetres from the four corners of the room facing side so that you can see the edges of the panel in relation to the window frame.

6. Line up panel against frame. Place supports under the lower edge. You can use spikes driven into the woodwork or books, CD's etc. The pink backing paper is very slippery and the panel position can easily change. You can also use tape to secure the top or side edges or an extra pair of hands.

7. Once the final position has been secured, lean of the panel with your elbow and lift one corner. Start removing the pink backing and release paper from the magnetic strips. It can sometimes be tricky to get the ends started, but finger tips are best.

8. Peel away the backing paper slowly from behind the panel.

9. Apply light pressure at this stage. Continue along opposite sides. The panel will be self-supporting once two sides are in place.

10. Peel away the remaining pink backing papers, checking alignment at all times.

11. Remove the bottom strip backing paper last and apply further pressure all round using a wallpaper edging tool or strong fingers.

12. Finally, remove the room side film from the Acrylic.

The adhesive is very strong, and cures with time but adhesion will vary depending on the surface underneath. Packing pieces must be added where there are uneven “shoulders” on the frame surround.

If you make a mistake half way through this procedure it is best to remove the panel completely and start again. The strips can be ripped from the window–frame edge with a sharp tug as long as light pressure has been applied at the initial fixing.