Magneglaze Secondary Glazing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you still open windows with MagneGlaze® in place?
A. We design a layout so that openers are covered by separate panels. These can be easily lifted off and "parked" on top of an adjacent panel by means of extra steel strips on the sides of an adjacent panel. So you won't have a loose panel to worry about while the window is open.

Q. I live near a road/railway line. How much noise does MagneGlaze® actually reduce?
A. Most people do not think in decibels! But Magneglaze® will have the effect of "muffling" or "baffling" those annoying tyre noises. In extreme cases, it is possible to add a panel to the edge of the reveal to create the optimum gap of 200mm for sound reduction.

Q. Does the acrylic scratch easily?
A. No, most of the time the panels will be in place, so only rough handling will cause any obvious defects. Panels can be easily lifted off for cleaning. If they are to be removed and stored away during the summer months, it's best to sleeve or cover them in bubble-wrap. We recommend the use of an antistatic spray polish to keep them in sparkling condition.

Q. Have you got any testimonials?
A. Yes, always available on request.


If measurements are provided to the nearest 5mm (i.e. All sizes will end in a 0 or 5), we can supply fully assembled panels cut to size and ready to install. But please remember, without a survey visit, we have to rely on your measurements and will cut to the sizes given. We cannot be held responsible for any measuring errors! Really smart people send digital pictures via e-mail of the windows under consideration. It's then possible to talk through the options and arrive at a solution without a survey visit.

For any further advice and assistance call our telephone number 0800 999 3349. By special request we can arrange to send a material sample piece to any enthusiastic potential customer.