Magneglaze Secondary Glazing

Magneglaze® Quick facts:

Straight-forward Installation

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About Us

Magneglaze is the Original Double Magnet Secondary Glazing System devised by Richard Cutts in 1994.

Richard Cutts explains Magneglaze

An introduction to Magneglaze® with the creator

Watch an interview with the creator Ricahrd Cutts >

We add secondary glazing to most window types. Our speciality and expertise lies uniquely in the insulation of sash windows, whatever their age and condition. Even if they are out of square!

The addition of the extra panel against the window frame creates a much wider gap than conventional double-glazing (typically only 20mm max). The fat parcel of air trapped between the two panes acts as the insulant and the inner pane warms up. Cold air no longer drops down the window. Draughts are eliminated; the wide gap is good for noise reduction.

Dedication to Quality & Service

From our inception in 1994 we have strived not only to deliver the best quality of product but also the best quality of service available in the sector. Everything we do is centred around delivering satisfaction: the satisfaction of having a lovely, warm home and the satisfaction of receiving a top quality service from start to finish.

We love to talk with our customers to make sure that they’re receiving exactly what they need. We want to remove every barrier to you getting in touch, that’s why we’ve invested in a free phone telephone number. Please feel free to call and talk through your requirements.

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